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World Oral Health Day Report

20 Mar 2015

20th March is declared as World Oral Health Day. On the occasion, Centre for Dental Education and Research, AIIMS also joined some 95 countries, 65 National Dental Associations, 30 Student Dental Associations to became part of this worldwide event. The theme adopted by CDER for this year was “health mouth-healthy body”

With a focus on achieving the greatest impact, this year’s activities included: Media briefing, Public Lectures and Panel Discussion for the general public & National level poster and slogan competition for dental institutions.

Media briefing:

With the aim of increasing awareness of general public about the healthy mouth, a media briefing session was organized by Media and Protocol division of AIIMS. About 20 prestigious local and national level media houses were briefed about the importance of oral health for overall health on the day. It was followed by question answering session. The print and the electronic media has given wide publicity to the session and around 7 news papers, 5 websites and 2 media channels have given coverage to the oral and general health connection.

Public Lectures and Panel Discussion:

Public Lectures included key topics such as:

  • Oral Health Problems and their Prevention
  • Oral Health and Diabetes
  • Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Oral Health and Stroke

Advertisements were published in prominent Hindi and English National news-papers to invite general public in public lecture cum panel discussion held in the Jawahar Lal Nehru Auditorium, AIIMS. About 800 general population and media members gathered inside the AIIMS auditorium to participate and cover this event.

Also to have greater impact on the general public about the importance of oral health for overall health, specialists from cardiology, neurology and endocrinology were invited to deliver these lectures along with speakers from CDER, AIIMS. Through these lectures a two way association between oral and general health was highlighted, which could make people more concerned about their oral health.

Public lectures were followed by Panel Discussion in which queries related to oral health were also answered.

Poster and slogan competition:

A National level poster and slogan competition was organized for faculty, post graduate and under graduate dental college students from more than 300 dental colleges.

These entries were invited keeping in mind their public display utility highlighting few key oral health messages. A tremendous response was observed and winners received a medal and certificate in each of the categories.