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Video Conference with Dental Surgeons at various DH and CHCs of Maharashtra

28 Feb 2017

National Oral Health Programme

A Report on Video Conference with Dental Surgeons at various DH and CHCs of Maharashtra

 28 February 2017

A video conference was held at the Board Room, 4th Floor CDER AIIMS New Delhi with  Dr Yeshwanth P Muley, State Nodal Officer of Maharashtra along with all the dental surgeons appointed across various District Hospitals and Community Health Centres in Maharashtra.

Dr OP Kharbanda, Chief, Centre for Dental Education and Research AIIMS New Delhi briefed the participants of the VC about the Significance of oral health, the initiatives taken up under the NOHP and also the upcoming World Oral Health Day. Some of the key points are as follows

·         Oral Health needs to be given great emphasis since it is important to maintain good oral health for good overall health.

·         Brushing twice a day using a pea size of the tooth paste for about 2 minutes is the key message that needs to be spread across all age groups. The message has to penetrate to the grass root level through various oral health promotion initiatives.

·         Efforts should be made to collaborate with the medical fraternity for a wider impact of oral health education and promotion. Every General Medical Practitioner posted at various levels of public health care needs to reinforce tooth brushing, mouth rinsing and healthy diet for preventing common oral diseases.

·         Infection control is critical to dental practice at all levels and Tobacco in all forms needs to be avoided.

·         It was also suggested that state IMA branch may be coordinated with for wider reach of activities. Suggestions for World Oral Health Day Celebrations were also invited

·         An overview about the existing activities at the various District Hospitals and Community Health Centres was given. Some of the activities are

o   Translation of Oral health Messages from Hindi to Marathi and display of Posters and various other IEC developed under NOHP at the dental clinics

o   Marathons and Relays for oral health were organised

o   Integration with RBSK for oral health promotion as well as treatment at various DEICs

o   Expectant mothers are being given information on oral hygiene and its importance during the routine ANC check up

o   Children are involved in various school level activities

·         The upcoming activities for World Oral Health Day were also enlisted and the dental surgeons were asked to actively take part in various initiatives planned for dentists, health workers and various others.

·         The multimedia and videos developed under the programme would be widely circulated.

·         The conference ended with thanks to the SNO Dr YP Muley for the opportunity and it was decided that this can now happen on a routine basis.