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Pit and Fissure Sealant Training Workshop for Dental Professionals

01 May 2017

Pit and Fissure Sealant Training Workshop for Dental Professionals

1st May 2017

Minutes of the Meeting


A workshop for Pit and Fissure Sealant Training for Dental Professionals was called on 1st May 2017 which was attended by representatives from 12 dental colleges across India (List attached in Annexures)

The meeting was called to train the dental professionals regarding the Pit and Fissure project before the launch of the pilot phase under the central component of NOHP.

The Welcome address was delivered by Prof. OP Kharbanda, Chief CDER & Director NOHP. An overview of the programme was given by Dr. L.Swasticharan, CMO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The overview of profile assessment form and pre-assessment questionnaire was given by Dr. Harsh Priya,Assistant Professor, Division of Public Health Dentistry, CDER AIIMS -New Delhi.

The meeting commenced with a lecture on the scientific evidence behind using Pit and Fissure sealants globally in the Indian context by Dr. Neeraj Gugnani, Professor ,Division of Pedodontics  and Preventive Dentistry, D.A.V (C) Dental College Yamuna Nagar, he suggested the importance of including key performance indicators(KPI) and objective goals in the protocol.

This was followed by a session by Dr. Utkal Mohanty, Assistant Professor, Division of Public Health Dentistry, SCB Dental College Cuttack. He talked regarding planning, equipment and training needs to be followed in this Pilot project.

The programme was then formally inaugurated by Sh. Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary (Health) ,Ministry of Health and Family Welfare who encouraged all delegates to carry out the Pilot project earnestly in their respective regions. The inaugural address was followed by the vote of thanks by Dr. L.Swasticharan.

Dr. R.M Pandey, Head -Statistics, AIIMS New Delhi, emphasized on the need for training and calibration in such programmes and also stressed upon the importance of monitoring. He suggested a protocol to be developed for this programme and the importance of outcome indicators in this programme.

Dr. Harsh Priya conducted a session on infection control in school based Dental programmes and the correct disposal of biomedical waste .An activity session to sensitize the delegates about biomedical waste management was also conducted as a part of this session.

Prof. Vijay Prakash Mathur, Head, Division of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, CDER, AIIMS -New Delhi conducted a session on the technical aspects of pit and fissure sealant placement in school children followed by a live demonstration of the correct technique of placing the pit and fissure sealant. Pitfalls of this project were also covered as a part of this session.

Prof. Pravesh Mehra, Head Department of Dental Surgery spoke on medical emergencies among children in school settings and suggested that prevention and timely management is the key in such a scenario.

Following which, Dr. Utkal Mohanty took a session on monitoring and evaluation and how it is very vital to this programme.

The training session was concluded with an open discussion among team NOHP and the delegates at great length. Suggestions and comments were put forward by representatives from the participating institutes .It was concluded that:

·         Checklist and Education kit will be developed at CDER, AIIMS-New Delhi

·         Training & calibration questionnaire/quiz will be developed by SCB Cuttack

·         Brochure with consent form will be developed by MAIDS, New Delhi

·         A section on medical emergencies will be developed by Dept. of Dental Surgery, LHMC

·         Monthly progress report template will be prepared by PGIMER, Chandigarh

·         Data collection of the Pilot project of all Centres will be done by CDER, AIIMS – New Delhi

·         CDER,AIIMS-New Delhi will also provide Retraining for this project



Annexure 1


1.       Faculty of Dental Sciences, King George Memorial University

2.       VMMC & Safdarjang Hospital

3.       Govt. Dental College and Hospital Ahmedabad

4.       Tamil Nadu Govt. Dental College & Hospital

5.       Government Dental College ,Hyderabad

6.       SCB Dental College, Cuttack

7.       PGIMER Chandigarh

8.       RIMS Imphal

9.       MAIDS New Delhi

10.   GDC Bengaluru

11.   LHMC  New Delhi

12.   CDER,AIIMS New Delhi