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Oral Health Awareness Talk on Lifestyle Management at Border Security Force Hospital,RK Puram, New Delhi

13 Feb 2017

Oral Health Awareness Talk on Lifestyle Management

BWWA,  Border Security Force Hospital , RK Puram, New Delhi 

13th February 2017 


A health awareness talk on Lifestyle Management was organised by the BWWA – BSF Wives Welfare Association at the Force Head Quarter Border Security Force Hospital I, RK Puram, New Delhi on the 13th of February 2017. The programme was comprehensive with health talks on Cardiac Diseases associated with lifestyle, oral hygiene and oral cancer awareness as well as dietary management.

From the Division of Public Health Dentistry, Centre for Dental Education and Research, AIIMS, we presented a health talk on Oral Health Awareness.

Emphasising on the importance of oral hygiene as a component of general health, Dr Harsh Priya, Assistant Professor, Public Health Dentistry, enumerated the risk factors common to systemic and dental diseases and that it is important to maintain good oral health as a part of lifestyle management. Stating that Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are the leading cause of death among the personnel in the forces, exceeding other common causes like attacks or accidents, she suggested prevention is one of the best ways to follow. Speaking about plaque being the root cause for two of the most prevalent dental diseases: Caries and Periodontal diseases, she advised correct method of Brushing as the best way to prevent these.

Dr Desmia Haldane, SRF NOHP, demonstrated the complete brushing technique to be followed on a routine basis. Covering the whole mouth segment wise, Dr Desmia mentioned that it is more important to know the correct technique of brushing and gave the information regarding correct kind of brush or the quantity of paste to be used.

The TV Commercial developed under the National Oral Health Programme was screened as well, mentioning that a positive attitude towards oral health needs to be inculcated in the people instead of the routine approach of focussing on the diseases that’s done in most commercials. It was well appreciated by the audience.

A brief update on Mouth Self Examination as one of the means for oral cancer prevention was given by Dr Anupama Ivaturi, SR Public Health Dentistry. She presented the most common warning signs for oral cancer, the significance of early detection and also demonstrated the steps for mouth self-examination. Pictures of how the various potentially malignant lesions look were also shown to the audience. They were also informed that teeth constitute the only body part which is not self-repairing and needs treatment.

Questions were invited from the audience which ranged from routine dental care, white discoloration of teeth as in fluorosis, dental erosion, recession and various other aspects.

The session ended with thanks to the organizers and the team at FHQ BSF Hospital for the opportunity.