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Launch of IEC on Maternal Oral Health by Deputy Commissioner of Maternal Health

05 May 2017

Oral health Promotion activities at International Midwife Day Celebrations by Society of Midwives of India  (Delhi Chapter)

5th May 2017


The International Midwife Day celebrations were organized by the Society of Midwives of India (Delhi Chapter) at LHMC, New Delhi on 5th May 2017. The event emphasized on the Maternal Health scenario in India. Issues such as the lack of qualified midwives in India, lack of facilities for pregnant females, negligent attitude towards maternal health in all aspects and also emphasized on the oral healthcare needs of the mothers.

From the Centre for Dental Education and Research, AIIMS, we presented a health talk on Oral Health Awareness among mothers and launched a one page IEC material on Maternal Oral Health .

Emphasising on the importance of oral hygiene as a component of general health, Dr Kalpana Bansal, Assistant Professor, Paediatric Dentistry, presented the risk factors leading to dental diseases during pregnancy and that it is important to maintain good oral health for the health of the unborn child. She suggested that prevention is one of the best ways to follow and it is a must to inculcate good oral health practices during pregnancy. She emphasized that hormonal changes lead to changes in the gums and correct oral hygiene practices can keep most dental problems at bay. Mothers ,students and midwives were also explained about the correct oral hygiene practices and care of the oral health for their infants as well.

Dr. Desmia Haldane, SRF NOHP, spoke briefly on the role of NOHP in Oral Health in India and the importance NOHP has given to maternal oral health by developing a one page communication for mothers.

The oral health promotion IEC for mothers was formally launched at the event by Dr. Sumita Ghosh -Deputy Commissioner of Maternal Health, MoHFW.  Dr. Rethi Balachandran ADDG MoHFW, Dr. Dr. G. K. Sharma , Director LHMC, Mrs.Thresia, President-SOMI, Delhi, Dr. Leela Varkey, Secretary SOMI, Delhi and Sr.Samte (CNO) were also present at the launch.

This wasfollowed by the screening of the TV Commercial and brushing animation developed under the National Oral Health Programme, mentioning that a positive attitude towards oral health needs to be inculcated in the people instead of the routine approach of focussing on the diseases that’s done in most commercials. It was well appreciated by the audience.  

The session ended with thanks to the organizers and the SOMI-Delhi team for the opportunity.