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Brainstorming meeting to develop IEC/BCC material for NOHP

23 Dec 2014

As an important step towards the development of IEC/BCC material for the outdoor and mass media campaigning a Brainstorming meeting was held on 23-12-2014 at the Centre for Dental Education & Research, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi with the following agendas:

1. To select and collect information on target audience and target oral diseases
2. To select the most appropriate IEC material (target audience specific)
3. To discuss a framework of training cascade for oral health education.
Experts from WHO, UNICEF, CHEB, DAVP, MoHFW, NIHFW, Mass Communication, Public Health and CDER, AIIMS itself, participated in the meeting towards the accomplishment of the tasks.
A brief discussion was undertaken for designing the logo with emphasis on integration with other Govt programmes and rural India connection etc. followed by brief presentation about need and relevance of IEC strategies for behavior change in relation to oral health. It was decided to integrate oral health IEC and training material in existing material like Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram, National Cancer Control Programme, National Tobacco Control Programme, National Programme for the Elderly, National Programme for control and prevention of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases etc. Various modalities for disseminating IEC/BCC material for Expectant mothers, Children, Adolescents, Adults, Geriatric and Special need groups were taken into consideration. Discussion about creating a training cascade for oral health education was also held in which development of a standardized training module with adequate emphasis on communication for various levels was discussed. Also deliberation was made regarding Masters trainers training and activities related to oral health should be synchronization with the IEC campaign.